Thursday, August 30, 2007

Left Wing Targets Congressman

Congressman Brian Baird (D-WA) actually thinks — and that's a problem. He didn't think we should have gone to war in Iraq, and he supported a timetable for getting our troops out. And the Left loved him.

But then he went to Iraq to see what was really happening there. He didn't just take the word of his party's leadership and its supporters in the media. He apparently found that progress was being made in Iraq that he hadn't thought was possible.

For Baird, it seems, new information calls for new consideration. And sometimes for new conclusions. In this case, seeing the improvement that has come from the change in tactics commonly referred to as "the surge", Congressman Baird decided General Petraeus deserves more time to try to secure as much of Iraq as possible.

That's not OK with Baird's "friends" (who now seem to be former pretend-friends) of the Left who like to prattle about free speech and free thought, but punish anyone who strays from their orthodoxy. As a result, the Congressman is being attacked by — the left wing pressure group funded by George Soros — in slick, dishonest ads and in town meetings. As Rick Moran summarizes,

In effect, Baird is being a realist. And this has made him a target of the far left.

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