Sunday, March 23, 2008

Obama Support

A friend of mine some months ago, as frustrated as I was with the quality of the presidential candidates, said he'd probably vote for Obama because "he can campaign with the slogan 'At least I haven't f***ed up yet!'" And there is much to recommend that viewpoint.

One who supports Obama rather more strongly than that is former Air Force Chief of Staff General Merrill "Tony" McPeak, who is now a co-chair of the Obama campaign. His support is now creating other kinds of waves. Here's a snippet from Gateway Pundit:

Obama Team Member General McPeak called Bill Clinton "Another Joe McCarthy" last night... This time he lashes out at radical neocons and Jewish concerns in his interview with the Far Left website This Is Rumor Control
Even before these recent gaffes, one blogger had said of McPeak
I’m saddened to report that a man I once respected and admired seems to have succumbed to “Obamamania” and thrown his support behind Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama.
There are others who support Obama, too — people like John Kerry.

I have a slightly different viewpoint. I served under General McPeak when he was Air Force Chief of Staff — far under him, never having any direct contact with him — and observed the damage his tenure did to the Air Force. As a direct result of that experience, I regarded McPeak's support of Obama as an excellent reason to vote against him. Given McPeak's recent statements, I see no reason to change my mind.