Saturday, February 28, 2015

More Images of Truth

President Barack Obama speaks. Repeatedly. His speeches solve the world's problems.

Of course, some people don't see it quite that way. They see something different.

Let's be fair. I don't think President Obama is a simple coward. I think we're just seeing the effects of his huge blind spot. He just can't see the connection between Islam — any flavor of Islam — and terrorism, and he won't be able to see it no matter how loudly and firmly that connection is confirmed and demonstrated by ISIS and the other jihadists. After all, Obama knows more about what is and isn't Islam than do the people who follow that religion.

That is almost certainly why his State Department is so strongly pushing the idea that Muslim men become jihadists because they don't have what we would consider normal job opportunities. This is nuts, especially since all the top jihadists are college educated men from well-to-do families. Just in case there is some small grain of truth in the Obama Administration argument, however, here are some suggestions for jobs such people might hold.

Of course, Washington DC doesn't have a monopoly on insanity. We have a big chunk of it right here in Albuquerque, county seat of Bernalillo County, New Mexico. Some of that insanity has just been demonstrated anew.

UPDATE: Here's a good part of the reason county residents are so upset.

It's the same thing in our state capital in Santa Fe, where our state legislators can't seem to understand what the people of the state keep telling them.

Silly Images

These pictures are posted just for their silliness. The first one is self-labelled.

The next one isn't.
These are thumb drives, obviously.

Finally, an image obviously inspired by the news story out of Sun City (near Phoenix, Arizona).