Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A New Island

A new island has appeared off the coast of Greenland, and it's being touted as a proof and consequence of global warming. It had been thought to be the end of a peninsula, but it turned out to be an island when the ice over it melted.

Something tells me this isn't the first time this island has appeared. After all, the Vikings called the place Greenland for a reason, and it wasn't because it was all covered with ice.

That was during the Medieval Warm Period. Then the Little Ice Age came, and the Viking settlements simply disappeared.

Riehl World View notes:

So this island has most likely come and gone before, hundreds of years before man invented electricity or the internal combustion engine, but, well, this time it's different, it's proof positive that man is the cause of Global Warming?
Somehow that just doesn't make sense.

Incidentally, I remember that Al Gore and his global warming activists are saying the global warming ice melt will cause the sea level to rise twenty feet or more. But I also recall that Venice was thriving — and not flooded — during that Medieval Warm Period.

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