Sunday, July 5, 2015

Too Good To Ignore

I ran across a few things this past week that are, as the post's title says, just "too good to ignore." Three of them are here. Another will be in another post Real Soon Now.

The US Supreme Court issued several major decisions for the end of June. Two of them are highlighted here.
I've no doubt no one will be satisfied with these decisions for very long. For multiple different reasons.

A case in point: Former actor George Takei (Star Trek's Sulu, now a progressive gay activist) took offense to things said by Justice Clarence Thomas in his dissenting opinion in the gay marriage case. His remarks on the Associate Justice went over the top, and his attempt at an explanation didn't help. That caused some folks to make an interesting comparison.
(You did know the Democrats were/are the party of slavery and Jim Crow and lynching and the KKK, right? And that the Republicans were/are the party of emancipation and the anti-lynching laws and the civil rights laws, right? Why else would it be that Jackie Robinson and Rev. Martin Luther King were Republicans?)

Society changed and made progress, but our politicians didn't. Perhaps this explains that.

There's a lot of truth here. And it's expressed in ways too good to ignore.

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