Friday, July 24, 2015


We have been living for a while in 1937. Now, thanks to this Administration, we have moved into 1938.

There's not much time left to avoid 1939.

With what's now happened, I was tempted to start referring to President Obama as "Barack Hussein Chamberlain" — but that would be hugely unfair to Neville Chamberlain. And then there's John Kerry who is spending his time making Obama look good.

Why do I say that? It's what happened in the negotiations. Kerry and Obama spent years telling us the entire point of negotiating with Iran was to convince them to dismantle their nuclear program. Now they admit that subject was never even brought up once in the entire history of the negotiations. And after spending so much time assuring us the US would have rights to no-notice inspections anywhere in the country, to verify treaty compliance, they now admit that was never brought up even once, either. Further, what inspections can happen will be with no US inspectors allowed. And then there's the secret side agreements, hidden and not submitted to the Congress (or the UN?) with the rest of the agreement they are a part of . . . .

Will the agreement work? Will we be better off with this treaty than with none? It's possible. But that will require a degree of honor that has not been shown in the past.

And it's sad that, in this matter, the truthful statements have come from a country that has declared itself our sworn enemy while the false statements have come from our own government. And the only people being duped by the latter statements are us.

One more thing: If this is the great deal they are claiming it is, I'm sure the Administration will offer the identical deal to other countries — like Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, Iraq, etc. (And isn't it interesting that with this deal the Administration has managed to have Saudi Arabia, other Arab countries, and Israel in full agreement with each other, and disagreement with the Administration.)

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