Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What Has Already Been Done To US

Legal Insurrection had a posting on appropriate responses to actions of some of the agenda journalists. One of the commenters on that post, Subotai Bahadur, made a broader point, beginning with an assessment of our current historical position. He writes

Professor, we are literally in the end stage of pretending that politics as normal mean something. The Constitutional order has been de facto overturned, while retaining the external trappings of the old order. The government is at open war on the Bill of Rights. Congress has lost the power of the purse and no longer represents anything but their own vested interests. The rule of law is gone. Who you are and who you are connected to decides if you will be prosecuted for any crime. No connections = no mercy and frequently no due process. If connected to the regime, you are immune. Our courts have withdrawn from the fray or have been subverted. In any major issue, it seems that the courts rule that there is no one who has standing to oppose the will of the State; so the State wins. And if a matter does get before the courts, the courts rule based on politics, not law. The Supreme Court is no longer a barrier defending the Constitutions. When Chief Justice Roberts suddenly reversed his entire life’s work to rule that the Federal government could violate the Constitution so long as it did it in the guise of a tax; it was obvious that he has been gotten to and is now merely a tool of the regime.
Well said, sir. The comment struck me — and others (Doug Ross, for example), too — as an important short summary. It's worth reading the whole of this comment, as well as a number of others on this thread.

Beyond that, what I would note is this: A lot of things no longer work the way we were taught in civics class. And that statement itself is a measure of how much things have changed.

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