Friday, January 18, 2013

Fire Harry Reid

There's an article out with some observations that are right on point. It says this early on.

In Mr. Reid's Washington, the House works its will, the Senate does crossword puzzles. Its committees do not produce bills, its senators do not debate or amend, the body does not vote. The House, to accomplish anything, is forced to engage in backroom wrangling with the White House, the results of which are presented to the nation as a fait accompli. The Senate claims total deniability.
Why has Harry Reid done this and behaved this way? That's something I had tried hard to understand. The only thing I had was that this was what he did, whether I could understand why or not. This article has observations that look really right. In part, it says this.
He [Reid] does not want a debate on gun control, as it would force Democratic senators to choose between President Obama and their own pro-Second Amendment constituents. The majority leader would not offer a bill during the fiscal-cliff negotiations because many Democrats disagreed with their president's proposed tax hikes. He has not produced a budget because to do so would expose the party's real spending ambitions [and/or expose the Democrats' divisions on this subject, too], which would create political problems back home for his members.

Mr. Reid knows there is a brilliant added bonus to making sure the Senate is inactive: It keeps all the attention on Republicans.

In other words, it's all political deception designed to protect Democrats' power by deceiving the American people.

It's sad that "our representatives" have sunk to this level. Harry Reid must be dumped or bypassed. He cannot be allowed to continue damaging the Congressional system.

Free the Senate. Let the Senate actually begin to do its job. Let the Senate debate.

Go read the whole thing.

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