Sunday, June 19, 2011

Islamism, A Modern Phenomenon

It's always worth waiting for David Warren's columns in the Ottawa Citizen to be posted online. That's especially the case with one recent column. In that column, he goes after the "conventional wisdom" that he says the multiculturists and our rulers are prisoners of.

The issue is Islamism, the ideology responsible for 9/11, al Qaeda, the Taliban, and the terrorist "culture of death". Warren notes, quite correctly in my view, that

  • "Islamism is not a medieval recrudescence." This despite the fact that some related elements have surfaced in the past.
  • "It is instead an ultramodern phenomenon, of the age of fascism and communism ..."
  • It "is the product not of rekindled religious faith, but of the exact opposite."
Note Mohammed Atta spending his last night before 9/11 getting lap dances at a strip club, an Osama bin Laden's library of pornography. These are not the actions of people commited to religious beliefs.

Warren notes that religious people "do not make suicide bombers; never did and never will. Suicide bombers are recruited from among the young, mostly male, bored, frustrated, and indulged products of a debilitating consumerism (as our terrorist profiles show again and again)." These are wolves in sheep's clothing, using religion as camouflage to protect themselves and their fascist jihad ideology. (They protect themselves while sending others to die for them.)

We need to properly identify the enemy so we can identify the right strategy to use against it.

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