Monday, April 25, 2011

Jordanian Show Trial on Fraudulent Charges

Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard and 19 other Danish journalists and editors went on trial in Jordan on Monday on charges of blasphemy over the publication of controversial cartoons depicting Islam's Prophet Mohammed six years ago.

None of the defendants appeared in the Amman court. The judge, Nathir Shehadah, decided to conduct the trial in absentia after he considered that the publication of arrest warrants and indictments in the local press served as legal notifications, judicial sources said.


The list of charges, which has already been approved by the Jordanian public prosecutor, includes 'blasphemy against Prophet Mohammed and humiliation of Islam and Muslims.' (emphasis sdded)

      — Amman (DPA)

The trouble is, the published cartoons (see below) did not attack the Muslim's god, Allah. They did, however, ridicule Muslims. And they may have ridiculed Mohammed a little, if any of these is what Mohammed looked like. (Is implying it's [our thought of] Mohammed or his followers enough to provoke them? That would really be nuts! Or stupid.)

Islamists and Muslims claim they don't worship Mohammed as their god, claiming to worship Allah instead. But if Mohammed isn't their god, then ridiculing and insulting Mohammed — and/or Muslims — cannot be blasphemy.

The only things that make sense of these non sequiturs are ignorance and dishonesty and insanity, any or all associated with conning the rubes (us).

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