Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Rose Parade

We always like watching the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day, and today was no exception. We were watching on NBC because we liked their camera angle better. But they quit, and went to other programming halfway through the parade! (To be fair, it was more like 2/3.)

We shifted to ABC, whose coverage was scheduled for longer, but it looked like they were cutting out, too. So we channel-surfed and found that KLUZ, a local Spanish language station and Univision associate, was also covering the parade. (The newspaper didn't tell us about that!) During a commercial, we discovered ABC was still on the parade, and ended up switching back and forth between the two from then on.

We were glad we did. We were glad ABC at least continued their coverage to near the end of the parade, but they still didn't show one of the things we were particularly watching for — the float of the State of New Mexico. Named Passport to Our World and Beyond, it highlights the United States’ spaceport (which is in southern New Mexico), and has a spacecraft and some “space aliens” representing the UFO claimed to have crashed near Roswell, NM, in July 1947. Definitely a fun float.

Image at the Fiesta Parade Floats web site
Image from the 2008 Rose Parade, from Yahoo News

And if we hadn’t been watching Univision, we never would have seen New Mexico’s float here in New Mexico!

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