Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Last Elected President

It seems Hillary Clinton has been running around Iowa (& etc.) claiming her husband Bill was the "last elected president" of the United States. And I, myself, heard Rob Reiner on the Tavist Smiley show (on PBS) pushing the meme that Bush was "selected, not elected" to the presidency, to the approval and agreement of the show's host.

I thought this brand of Leftist insanity had been put to rest long ago — including by the independent newspapers' investigations of the Florida 2000 votes and by the investigations of the even less substantial charges in Ohio in 2004. Unfortunately, the Left's view seems to be "My mind is made up — don't confuse me with facts!"

On the other hand, maybe I should look at this century's presidential elections from their point of view. After all, if Bush has never been elected, then he is eligible to run for the presidency now and to serve two terms (eight years). That would enable him to catch up with Democrat icon Franklin Roosevelt.

That's definitely something to think about.

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