Thursday, May 5, 2016

Protesters Jump the Shark

It seems to me that recent protesters really have little or nothing to protest about. But, of course, they want to protest anyway. Just because — and because they're getting riled up by provocateurs. Here's part of what Victor Davis Hanson had to say about this today:

The country owes about $20 trillion in debt. It will soon not be able to meet its pension and Social Security obligations. After slashing the military budget and raising income-tax rates, the United States is still running unsustainable annual deficits. The world abroad is becoming dangerously chaotic.

Instead of protesting those existential crises, students cry over Halloween costumes, deride free speech as hate speech, devour their own liberal administrators, and dismiss $100 million payoffs as too little.

Guess they're just spoiled children. I hope they eventually grow up.

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