Thursday, May 28, 2015


It's in the dictionary now, so I guess I can use it.

In any case, that's pretty close to what my reaction was when I hit this story. The Obama White House is blaming the Iraqi army's failure to successfully defend Ramadi against the Islamic State (a.k.a. Son of al Qaeda, including significant leadership elements from Saddam Hussein's military and intelligence forces) on the army's lack of diversity, on Iraq's failure to integrate its armed forces.

On second thought, the claim actually makes sense. After all, the White House wouldn't want to put the blame on the current policies of President Barack Obama and on his abandonment of Ramadi (and Fallujah and Mosul and the rest of Iraq).


        * short for an informal phrase that starts with “what the …” and is “used especially to express or describe outraged surprise, recklessness, confusion, or bemusement.”

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