Saturday, April 11, 2015

Supreme Self-Centeredness

President Barack Obama has gone to the Summit of the Americas, being held now in Panama City, Panama. There he has had conversations with the leaders of various Western Hemisphere nations, including (reportedly) a private meeting with Cuban dictator Raul Castro. Some of that meeting looks like this.

There's another story coming out of this summit, though. The headline is

Obama On Cuba: History Before I Was Born Isn’t Interesting Or Relevant…
citing a story in The Hill. Both stories quote Obama as saying
I’m not interested in having battles that frankly started before I was born.
This fits in with his statement last year calling his own actions "American leadership at its best."

It's because of self-revelatory statements like this that another writer called Obama

A rarely seen merging of supreme arrogance and ignorance (see shovel-ready-jobs, Obamacare, US economic malaise, massive US debt, illegals rushing across our borders and sinking our economy and government infrastructure, etc).
That ignorance apparently includes the events in Cuba leading up to the Castro dictatorship. (It's amazing to realize that Cuba under Fulgencio Batista was significantly freer than under the Castro Brothers!)

My own thought is that Obama's statements and behavior demonstrate a supreme self-centeredness. That also goes with him having an exceptionally thin skin for any criticism — in fact, for any statements that are not laudatory. An overall assessment?

Obama has delusions of adequacy, an adequacy he sees as supreme excellence.

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