Sunday, November 2, 2014

Much Needed Smiles

We're approaching the end of a long and extremely rancorous political campaign, with major diseases and barbarians thrown in for "good measure" — and we could really use some smiles. So here are a few things that brought me a chuckle.

First, the Islamist vs. the non-believer (what they call a kafir).

Second is a commentary on the political nature of one of this Administration's many politics-based policies. Good for a smile, at least. Think this concern is misplaced? It's already been verified in Maryland and nationwide.

And then there's the response of President Obama and his Administration to the rise of yet another extreme Islamist barbarian group. That cartoon seems to lead directly to this one. Yes, for smiles, this site is definitely worth visiting. Frequently.

It's not a cartoon or a picture, but here's an interesting take on the same Administration folks.

This is what we get for electing an affirmative action president with forged credentials, schooled in Islam in his youth, tutored in his teen years by a revolutionary Marxist and convicted pedophile, an adoring student of a black supremacy cult in adulthood, whose political career was kick started by a violent extremist with Final Solution ambitions for tens of millions of us, and whose administration features suspiciously large numbers of covert jihadists, race warriors and other deranged extremists. These enterovirus D68 outbreaks aren't accidental, they're the equivalent of a broad front biological attack, coordinated and carried out by agencies in DC best equipped to predict the results of what they've done. DC is taking multiculturalism to insane, homicidal levels. If there's an explanation that better fits the facts than intentional ethnic attrition, it hasn't appeared yet.
The facts are there. Only the characterization is in dispute.

In closing, it would be hard to beat this for sheer cluelessness. Definitely good for a smile.

Now that you've smiled, make sure you go vote. It's important.

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