Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Reflections on Obama

President Barack Obama is in hot water again — this time for demonstrating his lack of actual feeling for others, including those caught up in the detritus of his policies. UPDATE: Now ISIS has beheaded a second U.S. journalist — Steve Sotloff — and President Obama couldn't even be bothered to make a statement. (end update)
UPDATE II: To be fair, Obama did finally make a statement on the Sotloff beheading. I think that's where he also made his self-contradictory statements about ISIS. (end update)

But you've got to understand a few things: Barack Obama loves his perks. Many would say they are the reason he wants to continue being President. But that's not quite right, because Obama is an ideologue. That's why he will say anyting he thinks will give him an advantage, no matter how temporary, whether it's something like his Foley statement or his statements on his decision (and campaign promise) pulling our troops out of Iraq.

All of which gives Obama a huge blind spot.
That and his (and his advisors') total inexperience in foreign affairs makes him and his team what he called another group.

Because his ideology is driving his actions, there are some areas and organizations he really has no use for. Those he disses, and dismisses, without a thought.

Obama's not dumb, though he sometimes seems so. It's just that, for example, his ideology says there are 57 states (all but two of which he has visited), so it must be so.

To me, the "bottom line" is this: Barack Obama is a failure as President, having damaged this country throughout his term.
And Jimmy Carter is no longer our Worst President Ever.

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