Saturday, November 23, 2013

In the Shutdown, Obama Targets Catholics

Received by e-mail, and posted in a slightly edited version:

If he can do it to Catholics, will the Protestants be next? Catholic priests in military face arrest for celebrating Mass.

This is a verified news report. This is to my mind the most outrageous thing the Obama Administration has done yet during the shutdown. It even surpasses what Obama did to our WWII vets, and that was outrageous.

I hope everyone understands what this means. Obama is saying Catholic religious services are "non-essential". So much in fact that Obama is willing to jail priests even if they offer Mass "voluntarily" — for free, as part of their duties as Catholis priests imposed at their ordination. Everyone should also understand that this was done only to the Catholics but not to the Protestants or the Jews or the Muslims or any of the other religious groups.

If you need a Catholic sacrament - nonessential and disallowed. Communion - nonessential and disallowed. Confession - nonessential and disallowed. Baptism - nonessential and disallowed. Confirmation - nonessential and disallowed. Marriage - nonessential and disallowed. Extreme unction (last rights) - nonessential and disallowed. Catholics - nonessential and disallowed.

I wish every Catholic who voted for Obama could see this. This is an outright attack on the Catholic faith, plain and simple.

Even if Obama is forced to take this order back, we must never forget that he actually did it and wanted to do it. This affront to Catholics is beyond the pale. It’s a crystal clear religious freedom violation and as far as I am concerned, this by itself is an impeachable offense. It ought not go unpunished and it better never be forgotten.

I saw this during the shutdown. Even though it's now late, it's still worth posting.

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