Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some Evidence Democrats Always Said Doesn't Exist

Democratic Party politicians in New Mexico (and elsewhere) oppose voter ID requirements. They claim such a requirement would have no effect on vote fraud because, they say, there's no evidence vote fraud has occurred.

I disagree, and noted several pieces of evidence pointing to vote fraud four years ago — including cases in which New Mexico's then-U.S. Attorney David Iglesias failed to take action even when he apparently had "an iron-clad case and a confession (a failure to act that was apparently at least partly responsible for his termination)."

Now there is new evidence. New Mexico's new governor Susana Martinez (R) has done what former governor Bill Richardson (D) refused to do. She has had the state Motor Vehicle Division turn over to the Secretary of State (who handles voter records) information on non-citizens to whom driver's licenses have been issued. As the matching process was beginning, the Secretary of State's office had already found 117 of those individuals showing up on the voter registration rolls, and had found a number of cases in which those individuals had actually voted. Obviously, to legally register to vote here, and to vote here, one must be a citizen and resident of the State of New Mexico and a resident of the locality for which they register and where they vote.

The Democrats also claim — with no evidence — that voter ID requirements would disenfranchise some voters. They fail to explain why their claims have proven false where such requirements have been put in place — including in New Mexico's largest city, Albuquerque.

For myself, I repeat: Anyone who opposes a serious voter identification requirement is objectively promoting vote fraud. That's why a large majority of New Mexico voters (apparently 80%) favor a voter ID law, but that doesn't matter since that 80% obviously doesn't include the Democrats in the state legislature.

UPDATE: Someone else is noticing. Meanwhile, right on cue, the ACLU is already attacking the Secretary of State.

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