Friday, February 11, 2011

“Smart Diplomacy” in Egypt

Hosni Mubarak is apparently no longer the President of Egypt. Reports differ on whether he resigned, “waived” the presidency, was overthrown in a military coup, or left office in some other way. However he left the presidency, his departure sparked celebrations across more of the Mideast than just Egypt.

The White House is calling these events a result of “smart diplomacy”. But I'm not convinced. Here are a couple of reasons why.

The Obama Administration hasn't even been internally consistent over the past week and a half since the Egyptian protests began. Instead, it has been contradicting itself again and again. That's not diplomacy, smart or otherwise. It seems more like evidence they are utterly clueless. Also bumbling and inept. (You know — like their intelligence official who said the Muslim Brotherhood was secular.)

Someone else has also noticed some of the glaring hypocrisy of President Barack Obama: “I point out that the Obama supported the ‘young people’ against our ally Mubarak, but did not support the young people against the Iran regime. It almost makes you wonder what this man really wants.” Yes, Obama has repeatedly demonstrated that who he listens to and supports depends on his own interests and prejudices.

And, by the way — Did you notice that some of the same folks who railed against U.S. interference in the affairs of other nations are now giving Obama credit for ousting Mubarak?

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