Monday, January 17, 2011

Four Key Comments on Current US Politics

A single Althouse posting collected two particularly important comments. One comment is

Anyone else find it creepy that new standard what we may and may not say is: How will it affect the behavior of an obviously crazy person who may or may not hear it?

A second comment notes
Well, it's been that way for a long time. Centralized media helped a lot. Now, the truth gets out. And, yes, it started with El Rushbo.

The Left has always hated the truth.

Gateway Pundit noted a consistency some months ago, saying
When leftists can’t win an intelligent argument they historically resort to violence. Whether they’re communists, socialists, Nazis or members of the SEIU, the game is the same.

Something similar was noted nearly five years ago
You can understand the outlines of all of American politics (and, it now appears, Canadian politics as well) if you remember just one thing:
Conservatives think liberals are misguided
Liberals think conservatives are evil
(I have sometimes heard "ignorant" used instead of "misguided".)

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