Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Cheeseburger Mandate

The federal government is about to mandate that I must buy cheeseburgers. Indeed, it now plans to mandate not only how many cheeseburgers I must buy, but also what I may and must have on and with them. I will not be allowed to buy either more or fewer, or to change the accompaniments. I will be heavily fined if I don't buy enough cheeseburgers, and I will be heavily taxed if I buy too many.

All determinations about how many cheeseburgers I must buy, what they must look and taste like, and how much I must pay for them, will be made by unelected bureaucrats following regulations written by appointed politicians to implement mandates made by "progressives" acting "for my own good". Those "progressives" obviously know what's good for us so much better than we do ourselves. That's why they feel so free to ignore the American people's desires and wishes, and call the people thugs and terrorists for daring to express their views in opposition to the benevolent arrogance of their overlords.

I just wonder how the "progressives" think they have the right to order my commodity purchases, and where they think they get the authority to do so. If memory serves, the last time the aristocracy got this controlling, they produced a revolution.

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