Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another Townhall, Another Plant

President Obama had a townhall meeting in New Hampshire to promote the Democrats' healthcare "reform" proposal. At the townhall, he took a few questions. The townhall must have been held in a greenhouse, because at least some (maybe all) of the questions and questioners were plants — just like in his campaign events last year.

Obama and his people seem to be constitutionally incapable of running an honest or legitimate event. You'd think they were crooked, dirty Chicago political machine operatives.

Oh, ... wait ....

UPDATE: It's not just President Obama's townhalls. The greehnouses include (at least) the townhall with Texas Representative Sheila Jackson-Lee, where the Congresswoman took an adulatory question from a local pediatrician — who wasn't really a doctor and was apparently there with an Obama organizer who was known for the Che Guevara flag on her Houston office wall. More lies. More deception. More plants.

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