Thursday, June 18, 2009

Iranian Unrest

Today, in Iranmassive demonstrations — if anything, even bigger than before.

The mullahs' regime has definitely taken notice of the protests. They have ordered many foreign journalists out of the country, and have ordered the remaining foreign journalists to work only from their offices. That is not a good sign. As Will Collier notes, "It likely means that the mullahs are planning to 'go Tiananmen' and send in the tanks." I hope it doesn't come to that.

What could happen instead? The demonstrations coule develop into a revolution, which could result in the overthrow of the Iranian theocracy. That is a result devoutly to be wished. How will we know that's happening? Mark Krikorian has a suggestion: "We'll know it's a revolution when Iranian women start throwing off their headscarves en masse, and they get away with it."

From the looks of it, that may be beginning to happen.

As Drudge says, "Developing . . ."

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