Tuesday, February 10, 2009

An Open Letter on the "Stimulus" Pork Bill


How can this be called a stimulus bill when its spending goes out for a decade? If it's stimulus, it has to have an effect NOW. This bill won't do it.

This bill has very little stimulus in it. It is a bad bill, misleadingly titled, that appears designed simply to circumvent normal budget processes and policy debate. Nothing is such an emergency that it justifies passing such a garbage bag.

The President says we need a rescue and recovery bill, and that may be true. But this "stimulus" and "recovery" bill will only make things worse. Your own Congressional Budget office says that within two years, at most, this bill will be worse than doing nothing.

This bill is a pig -- and it's not even half-baked. It's going to make us all sick. It's going to give us economic trichinosis.

Your choice is simple: You can help kill this pile of garbage, or you can follow Harry Reid's orders. Please show you are not just a minor flunkey. Kill this bill and start over.

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