Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bait & Switch

It's a classic bait & switch. Congress decided to get into everybody else's business. They didn't just support a shift from analog to digical television — they mandated it. What's more, they mandated an end to most analog television broadcasting on a fixed date, February 17, 2009.

That's why there's been such an advertising blitz for months, telling everyong to get ready for the changeover date. That's why television stations all over the country have been spending a lot of money and time preparing and activating new digital transmitters.

And now, to complete the classic bait and switch, Congress is saying “Never mind!” At this very late date, just three weeks before the cutoff date, they're moving that date out to June. Their excuse is that not everyone is ready for the change. But, as a resident in the metropolitan area identified as being least ready, I note that the pressure for moving the date back is coming from areas much more ready than we are.

It all goes to show that Congress' word isn't worth the time it takes to hear it.

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