Sunday, August 3, 2008

Terror Attacks in India

India has an illegal alien problem. They're mostly from Pakistan and Bangladesh. They come to India because they need to, because there is a LOT more opportunity in India than in their home countries.

But as guests, they stink! They expect Indian society to adapt to them rather than the other way around. They expect in India — as a matter of right — the same sort of deference for their religion and their ways that they would have in their home countries. It offends them that they are expected to respect the rights of others who don't share their religion, their sect. And it offends them that their Indian co-religionists do respect those rights.

And so these illegal alien racial and religious bigots take actions — again — to try to provoke attacks against their co-religionists — again. That's what appears to be behind the series of explosions in Bangalore and Ahmadabad a week ago. The illegal aliens, in other attacks, have identified their intent to "demolish the faith (Hinduism)" of the "infidels of India". And the style of the attacks was similar to that used in Iraq and elsewhere by al Qaeda and associated terrorist groups.

Yes, it's clear bigotry was the basis for the attacks. Both states targeted have elected, by large majorities, governments run by the Hindu nationalist BJP (the Bharatiya Janata Party). They were apparently targeted because the BJP governments can't be pushed around by these bigots the way many of the other state governments can.

The specifics of the attacks? I captured more about the Bangalore attacks (nine explosions, one dead, blogger reports here and here, NDTV reports here, here, and here, the last noting that Bangalore's IT sector now will get a lot more national security support) than about the Ahmadabad attacks (22 explosions, 42 dead). The Bangalore explosions were all, or nearly all, about the size of a pair of hand grenades. The Ahmadabad explosions included the first use of a car bomb in India. Similar attempts were made in Surat, where at least 19 bombs were found and disarmed. The cars used for the car bombs in both Ahmadabad and Surat were stolen where the attacks were apparently planned, in Mumbai. Additional unexploded bombs were found in both Bangalore and Ahmadabad, including on city buses and in/near shopping malls. And, as in Jaipur in May, among the later bombs was at least one at a hospital where victims of the earlier explosions would have been taken.

These people are barbarians. They must be stopped. They must be stopped because, as I have said before,

These extremists are not attacking only the US and its interests, or just the West and its interests — these extremists are attacking anyone and anything that is not Islamist, in their extremist version. The American press needs to recognize this, and report on these terrorist atrocities. And we all need to pay attention because, when these extremists have the ability, they will attack us, too.

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Anwin said...

Hi nicely written. I followed from my trackback link. Even though what you have said is true of why these attacks happen in India there is something more actually. We Indians (according the Pakistanis) illegally annexed Kashmir during Independence from the Brits. I a, really not sure what was done in 1947, but I am sure that it is worthless to fight over something that happened more than 60 years ago and may not be relevant anymore.

The other thing we need to remember is that India has always tried to be "neutral" in relation to communist / capitalist / extremist countries. In addition to Kashmir this is also a worry for a lot of extremists since we are more prone to support, lets say, the US and European countries when there is a, lets say again, war.

And then, add to this the injustice the Muslims in India and the world over think have been done to them over the years, in India. During the independence time there were mass riots all over India with Muslims and Hindus suffering major casualties and both factions blame each other. And then the BJP Government did nothing to stop the demolition of the Mosque "supposedly" in the Hindu God Ram's birth place.

I could go on and on, but I have already intruded too much upon the comments space... I am a Christian by the way and I don't really understand too much why the Hindus and the Muslims in this country think or behave in certain manner :)