Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pelosi: One of FARC's Friends

The Colombian government and armed forces tricked the Communist guerillas of FARC into giving up their highest value hostages, including a former Colombian presidential candidate and three Americans, to a fictitious human rights organization. Apparently the easiest part of the plan was getting the FARC terrorists to believe a human rights organization would cooperate with them. As noted,

There are a couple of other interesting things that have turned up in the information about this rescue, and about the information culled from the computers captured in the March raid that killed FARC leader Raúl Reyes. One is that Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez is actively supporting FARC's efforts to take over the government of the neighboring country (Colombia), giving large amounts of money to the terror group and assisting them in obtaining weapons which are shipped through his (Chavez') ports, all the while pretending to be trying to mediate the conflict between the FARC and Colombia.

Another interesting thing is who is helping Hugo Chavez undermine Colombia. Three names stand out. One is Colombian Senator Piedad Cordoba, currently under investigation for her ties to FARC. And working with Cordoba and Chavez in the mediation scheme were the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and her designated representative Congressman Jim McGovern.

So the question is this: Is Nancy Pelosi knowingly and deliberately cooperating with Communist insurgent groups and dictators, or is her judgment "more than a little misguided"? And is this related to her intransigence on the Colombian Free Trade Agreement?

And the more general follow-up questions: Why the support for the Communist insurgents and dictators against democratic countries and governments? Again. Is this the kind of leadership we, as a country, want to support?

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