Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day

This is Memorial Day Weekend. It's another three-day holiday weekend. But it's also more.

This is a time set aside to remember those who made our freedom possible, including those who lost their lives in that effort.

We need to remember what these men and women have done for us — and are doing for us now. Here is something extra to help us remember.

We all should be grateful for what the U.S. military has done, especially throughout the last century. And we should express that to our fighting men, past and present.

It's Memorial Day. Thank a serviceman. Thank a veteran.

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Dr Doc dlcs said...

Veterans can also be thanked at: and i feel confident that pres obama will soon personaly thank all of us. I have a gut feeling we will all get invatations to the whitehouse for beer and pizza. Well, mabey?