Sunday, July 22, 2007

Organized Voter Fraud

The investigation by King County, Washington, into the voter registration fraud apparently committed by ACORN (the "Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now") last year just got larger — it has now been joined by Pierce County. This expansion of the investigation, along with a reminder of ACORN's apparent involvement in both fraudulent voter registrations and fraudulent ballot counting there in 2004, are reported by Sound Politics today.

I don't know why anyone should be surprised. It seems like every time large-scale voter registration fraud occurs, ACORN is right in the middle of it. They were embroiled in a voter fraud scandal in St Louis last year and in 10-20,000 fraudulent voter registrations in Albuquerque (see here, too) in 2004, just as a couple of examples.

With ACORN having this kind of consistent history, it would seem to me that voter registrars should decline to accept any voter registrations from them. Period.

UPDATE: The New York Times claims charges like these are phony, just as Ruben Navarette did (on which I commented here). This is not the only time the Times has made such claims. A lot of that should be obviated by things like the problems in St. Louis and Milwaukee, the charges in Washington, and the failure to pursue obvious illegalities here. Lots of voter fraud, of various sorts, with few prosecutions. Wonder how much that cost, and who paid it.

UPDATE II: A reader e-mails to say “Seems like the GOP are the real villains here, trying to make a mountain out of a molehill while doing everything possible to keep people from the polls.” He attached the text of a Talking Points Memo Muckraker article basically saying the vote fraud charges are really a conspiracy conjured up by Karl Rove.

It seems to me that jurisdictions with thousands more votes than voting voters indicate substantial vote fraud, that venues with significantly more voters than residents indicate substantial voter registration fraud, and that counties (in sparsely populated states) with tens of thousands of fraudulent voter registrations indicate massive voter registration fraud. Those are mountains, not molehills.

Meanwhile, I have seen Leftists’ claims of GOP attempts to keep people from the polls, but I have yet to see a single one of these claims substantiated. (The best they have managed so far is an assertion that a sheriff's car was parked several blocks from a polling place — which they pretend somehow did something.)

As for David Iglesias, former U.S. Attorney for New Mexico: He may have launched a voter fraud task force after the 2004 election, but he evidently didn't want it to find anything. He even declined to prosecute a case in which he had a confession. (!)

I am a Democrat, but I am pissed! I am pissed that my party, both directly and through organizations like ACORN, is directly committing vote fraud. And I am pissed that the national leadership of my party is, in my opinion, actively promoting vote fraud ... and getting their flunkies like the Talking Points Memo to lie for them.

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